Awards/Member News

ASTM International Honors Gerhard Leichtfried with H.R. “Russ” Ogden Award

Gerhard Leichtfried, professor of materials science at Austria’s University of Innsbruck since 2015, received the 2021 H.R. “Russ” Ogden Award from ASTM International. This annual award, presented by ASTM’s reactive and refractory metals and alloys committee (B10), honors outstanding accomplishments in the science and technology of reactive and refractory metals and alloys.

June 22, 2022

ASTM International Honors Audrey Boutin with Kralik Service Award

Audrey Boutin has received the 2022 Gary M. Kralik Distinguished Service Award for her significant contributions to ASTM International’s committee on nonferrous metals and alloys (B02).

Committee B02 offers this prestigious award in recognition for distinguished service and leadership in its activities. Boutin was recognized for her 10 years of outstanding work as chair of subcommittee B02.05 on precious metals and electrical contact materials.

June 16, 2022