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New ASTM International Committee Activity Focuses on Grout and Tile Quality Control

New activity from ASTM International’s ceramic whitewares and related products committee (C21) focuses on standardizing grout and tile quality control.

New Standard Supports Data Exchange for Commercial Spaceflight

ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight committee (F47) has approved a new standard that supports the increasing amount of space travel by improving data exchange between space operators and the Federal Aviation Administration. 

According to ASTM International member Zheng Tao, as the number and diversity of space operations increase, improved date exchange will help air traffic management (ATM) more efficiently manage the National Airspace System (NAS) during these operations. 

New Thermal Insulation Standard Covers Metal Jacketing Installation

A new ASTM International standard covers installation techniques for metal jacketing on mechanical insulation systems. ASTM’s thermal insulation committee (C16) developed the new standard, soon to be available as C1879. 

Metal jacketing is used as the protective cover over pipe and rigid tubing insulation in most outdoor applications, which include oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage manufacture and storage, chilled water, potable water, and sewer systems. 

New Standard Will Help with Foundry Heat Stress Management

A new ASTM International standard will help protect foundry workers who routinely handle molten metal. ASTM’s occupational health and safety committee (E34) developed the new standard (E3279).

The standard includes an objective framework for recognizing heat stress and heat strain in foundries and it provides for the use of best practices to manage heat exposures to minimize heat strain. 

ASTM International Amusement Rides Committee Revising Key Standard

ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is revising one of its key standards to include a new section requiring owner/operators to have a documented record retention program. 

The standard (F770) outlines information and establishes procedures for the operation, maintenance, inspection, and training for amusement rides and devices.  

Proposed Commercial Spaceflight Standard Will Define Passenger Medical Qualifications

ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight committee (F47) is developing a proposed standard that will serve as a guide for medical qualifications for suborbital vehicle passengers. 

The proposed standard (WK76057) will provide a consensus set of passenger acceptance guidelines that can serve as advice to commercial operators as they develop their own medical programs.

ASTM International Consumer Products Committee Revises Playground Equipment Standard

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) has revised its standard consumer safety performance specification for playground equipment for public use. The revisions address several developments in the playground equipment industry while providing clarification on industry terms and designations.  

Specifically, the revisions to the standard, soon to be published as F1487, include but are not limited to:

ASTM International Announces New Cannabis Standards, Launches Microsite

Today, ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) announced a slate of new standards to support cannabis vocations. ASTM also launched a new microsite that will serve as a central resource for all ASTM International cannabis and hemp activities. 

Proposed Standard Test Method Will Cover Water Slide Rider Acceleration Data

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish a test method for obtaining acceleration data on water slides using human test subjects. ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is developing the proposed standard. 

Data obtained through the standard is crucial to developing and calculating the expected forces riders feel on a water slide. The level of these forces can be key to ensure the riders do not experience an unexpected event or safety-related incident. 

Proposed Standard Will Cover Protective Jackets for Thermal Insulation

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish specification requirements for flexible protective jackets made of modified asphalt or butyl rubber. ASTM International’s thermal insulation committee (C16) is developing the proposed standard.


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