New Standard Will Aid in Development of Spaceport Descriptions

ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight committee (F47) has approved a new standard that will aid spaceports in developing descriptions of their sites and capabilities, including location and contact information. The new standard will soon be published as F3610.

According to ASTM member Mark Greby, the standard will lead to spaceport descriptions that will provide potential customers and other members of the public with a meaningful understanding of the described sites.

In addition to helping spaceports and their visitors, the standard will benefit regulatory bodies by providing a basic understanding of local spaceports, or at a federal level for capability overview and assessment of potential national assets.

Greby, of Greby Space Services, notes that the subcommittee that developed F3610 welcomes participation for further development of the standard. Representatives of spaceports, as well as state and federal organizations, colleges, and other public institutions that may seek government grants to assist spaceports, are encouraged to join the subcommittee.

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Release #11663


May 2, 2023