New ASTM International Test Methods Support Small Bone Fracture Plates

ASTM International’s medical and surgical materials and devices committee (F04) has developed standard test methods to serve as a basis for mechanical comparison of small bone plates.

Small bone plates, as detailed in this standard, are metallic plates used to fix far extremities in the human body, like fingers, toes, and areas in the cranium and upper face.

According to ASTM member Joe Turner, this standard (F3437) provides useful test methods for plates of such a small size.

“Although standards are available for the testing of metallic bone plates, due to the smaller size of plates used in the far extremities, setup and execution of these tests can be difficult,” says Turner, engineering manager at Acuity Surgical. “Thus, this standard offers alternative test methods that are more appropriate for plates used in small bone fracture fixation.”

The standard will help address performance of these bone plates and provide a basis for their mechanical comparison.

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May 22, 2023