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Forensics Committee Approves New Suite of Standards on Explosives Examination

ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) has approved three new standards that will aid the study of explosives in forensic investigations. The suite of standards, which cover terminology, intact explosives, and explosive residues, were developed by E30’s subcommittee on criminalistics (E30.01).

New Standard Will Promote Safety and Durability of Market Umbrellas

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) has approved a new standard that will help evaluate the potential safety of market umbrellas. Such umbrellas are commonly used as protection against rain, sun, or other potential weather in many commercial settings, including theme and water parks, hotels, restaurants, and bars, and are also found in the backyards of many private homes.

Forensic Sciences Committee Seeks Increased Stakeholder Participation

ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) has begun submitting its standards to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for designation as American National Standards.

The E30 executive committee approved this action, with support from the main committee membership, to engage broader, critical stakeholder input into the standards being published. The forensic science community will now have an opportunity to provide comments on E30 draft standards through their access to the ANSI Standards Action.

New Standard Aids Determination of Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment

A new ASTM International standard will help laboratories to better determine the presence of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in environmental samples. ASTM’s committee on environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action (E50) developed the new standard.

New ASTM International Standard Aids Sampling of Hempseed

ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) has approved a new standard form sampling hempseed intended for human consumption. The new standard will soon be published as D8417.

Hempseed is the fruiting tops from the industrial hemp plant, sourced for human and animal feed, as well as manufacturing uses.

New Plastic Piping Standard Will Aid Design of Crosslinked Polyethylene Fitting

ASTM International’s plastic piping systems committee (F17) has approved a standard that will aid in the design of a new fabricated pipe fittings made from crosslinked polyethylene (CX-PE). The new standard will soon be published as F3525.

ASTM International member Robert Samplonius says that F3525 is part of a movement to develop several standards applicable to the specification and construction of CX-PE piping systems.

Proposed Geosynthetics Standard Will Aid in Road and Pavement Design

ASTM International’s geosynthetics committee (D35) is developing a proposed standard that will help provide engineers with specific information for components necessary for road and pavement design.

Proposed Air Quality Standard Will Aid in Destruction of Harmful Gases

ASTM International’s air quality committee (D22) is developing a proposed standard that will aid in the removal of gases that are harmful to both people and to the environment. The proposed standard covers the proper destruction of gaseous fugitive emission by thermal oxidizer or catalyst.

New Standard Aids Hempseed Quality and Freshness for Food

ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) has approved a new standard that will provide a method for rapid, visual, on-site assessment of hemp seed spoilage. The new standard (D8400) will assist in managing food quality and productivity while maintaining consumer safety.

ASTM International member Terry Grajczyk, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, says that the new standard is geared toward those who store hempseed for later processing into food or food ingredients.

Proposed Standard Will Aid in Modernizing Identification of Alloys in Stainless Steel

ASTM International’s committee on steel, stainless steel and related alloys (A01) is developing a proposed standard that will present a fast-screening framework for verifying the alloys in stainless-steel products.


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