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New Standard Will Aid in Developing Vapor Intrusion Monitoring Plans

A new ASTM International standard (D8408/D8408M) will help those developing long-term monitoring plans for vapor mitigation systems that prevent intrusion of hazardous gases into buildings.

Proposed Standard Will Help Accelerate Ammonia Nitrogen Analysis

ASTM International’s water committee (D19) is developing a proposed standard that will help to accelerate the analysis of ammonia nitrogen in environmental samples. Ammonia nitrogen is a nutrient that can lead to oxygen-depleted and potentially toxic algae blooms that can kill fish.

According to ASTM International member William Lipps, the proposed method (WK42422) will eliminate the need for a preliminary distillation, saving laboratories time and money.

ASTM International Cannabis Committee Launches New Subcommittee, Responds to U.S. Senate Request

ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) has launched a new subcommittee aimed at supporting the exchange of cannabis information and knowledge between global policymakers, regulators, scientists, and the general public. 

New Soil and Rock Standard Supports Geohazard Netting Specifications

ASTM International’s soil and rock committee (D18) has approved a new standard that will help design engineers and regulators when using rockfall mitigation nettings on construction projects.

New Air Quality Standard Outlines Methods for Analyzing Airborne Formaldehyde

A new ASTM International standard describes a range of techniques that can be used to analyze formaldehyde concentrations in indoor air. ASTM’s air quality committee (D22) developed the standard, which will soon be published as D8407.

A naturally occurring organic compound, formaldehyde is an ingredient in many materials, such as resins used for particleboard and coatings.

Proposed ASTM Standard Would Establish Practice for Determining Plane Inspection Intervals

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish a new practice for determining safe-life, inspection threshold, and reoccurring inspection intervals for airplanes. ASTM International’s general aviation aircraft committee (F44) is developing the proposed standard. 

ASTM International Revises Standard Guide on Financial Disclosures Related to Climate Change

ASTM International’s environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action committee (E50) has revised its standard guide for financial disclosures attributed to climate change. 

The standard guide (E2718) was revised to provide instructions consistent with good commercial and customary practice for climate change-related disclosures accompanying audited and unaudited financial statements. 

ASTM International to Host 2021 Symposium on Autonomy in Aviation

ASTM International’s autonomy design and operations in aviation administrative committee (AC377) is hosting the 2nd Annual ASTM Autonomy in Aviation Symposium, October 19, 2021, to be held at the Santa Clara Marriott (Santa Clara, California, USA).

ASTM International Standard Will Be Adopted into the International Fire Code

An ASTM International standard practice for inflatable amusement devices, published by the amusement rides and devices committee (F24), will be adopted into the 2024 International Fire Code (IFC) by the International Code Council (ICC).

New Standard Aids Use of Digital Technology in Pavement Assessment

ASTM International’s vehicle-pavement systems committee (E17) has approved a new standard that will aid the use of digital technology as a safe and efficient way to assess pavement infrastructure. The new standard will soon be published as E3303, Practice for Generating Pavement Surface Cracking Indices from Digital Images.


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