Papers Invited for Conference on Hydrogen in Materials

Papers are invited for ASTM International’s Conference on Hydrogen in Materials, to be held June 4-6, 2025, in La Rochelle, France. The event is sponsored by ASTM International’s hydrogen embrittlement subcommittee (F07.04).

Hydrogen embrittlement has historically been a concern where hydrogen is absorbed by materials, either during manufacturing processes or as a byproduct of corrosion.

With the advent of the hydrogen economy, the scope of research has grown to include material interaction with hydrogen gas. The infrastructure needed for hydrogen gas storage and transportation, as well as the materials needed at the point of use of hydrogen fuel, are now part of the conversation. Applications include heating, vehicles, trains, aircraft, and more.

This conference provides a forum for the global hydrogen embrittlement research and testing communities to meet and exchange ideas. Attendees will discuss the latest fundamental research and advances in technology and consider engineering implications across all industrial sectors.

Topics for this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Hydrogen in storage;
  • Hydrogen transport;
  • Modeling of hydrogen diffusion and trapping;
  • Hydrogen on fracture, on fatigue, and on additive manufacturing and high entropy alloys;
  • Mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement;
  • And hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility.

To participate in the conference, authors must submit a 2 to 3-page abstract using the ASTM Extended Abstracts template provided in the online Abstract Submission Portal no later than Aug. 31, 2024. To ensure your abstract was received in the ASTM database, please email and let us know that you have submitted an abstract.

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