ASTM International Honors W. James Bover with 2023 Cavanaugh Memorial Award

W. James Bover, former member of the ASTM International board of directors, was awarded the William T. Cavanaugh Award at ASTM’s April 2023 Board meeting.

The Cavanaugh Memorial Award honors W.T. Cavanaugh, CEO of ASTM International from 1970 to 1985. Cavanaugh established ASTM International as the world leader in developing and disseminating voluntary standards.

Bover has served as primary consultant for WJB Consulting since he founded it in 2013, after his retirement from ExxonMobil.

Chemistry has been Bover’s longstanding educational and career focus, and he applied it during his service at the U.S. Army Foreign Science and Technology Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. His military career lasted 22 years, until his retirement from the United States Army Reserve in 2000 as a Colonel.

Bover’s 36-year membership at ASTM has included not only time on ASTM’s Board of Directors, but a variety of main and subcommittee officer positions, chair positions, and more, especially within ASTM’s petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants committee (D02). His leadership extends beyond ASTM to other organizations as well, such as ISO. In his standards development work, he has set an example of respectful, efficient collaboration, and created a professional impact of global scale.

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