ASTM Receives Award from ARM Institute to Develop Robotics Technology Roadmap

ASTM International has been awarded funding from the ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute to develop a roadmap for guidance and adoption of advanced robotics technologies. In partnership with the ARM Institute, ASTM International will be also hosting its 4th Specialty Workshop on Discovery & Market Analysis for Robotics in Manufacturing of Space and Hypersonic Components. The workshop will be held Oct. 4-5, 2023, at ASTM Headquarters in West Conshohocken, PA. Interested parties are required to register their interest in attendance.

Funded through a recent project call by the ARM Institute, the main goals of this workshop are to ascertain the current state of the art of the industry and help guide future technology road mapping sessions and investment strategies.

“Our selections in this latest project call address diverse areas of need in manufacturing – from identifying and road-mapping needed robotics developments to directly creating solutions for the problems that manufacturers are facing today,” stated Chuck Brandt, chief technology officer of the ARM Institute. “These projects epitomize the strength of ARM Institute members and the impact of collaboration between different stakeholders in manufacturing.”

The ARM Institute is a manufacturing innovation institute (MII) funded by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and is part of the Manufacturing USA network. The consortium uses its ecosystem to make automation more accessible to U.S. manufacturers of all sizes, train and empower the workforce, and strengthen resilience and global competitiveness.

“By bringing manufacturing, automation, and robotics experts together, we can quickly understand the current processes in manufacturing these specialized components, and road map the vision we want to see built out in the future,” said Aaron Prather, director of ASTM’s robotics and autonomous systems programs and principal investigator for this award. “ASTM International is grateful for this award and the opportunity to develop this effort as we know the significant impact it will have within the robotics sector.”

Prather noted that priority would be given to participants from companies involved in manufacturing for space and hypersonic components. However, the team aims to invite public and private sector robotics experts to guide portions of the road map discussions. Those that feel that they have meaningful insight into this type of manufacturing, or the robotics and automation needed, are encouraged to apply.

The ASTM team will take information gathered from the workshop, private interviews, and synthesize input from the community via its market research strategy to ultimately produce a final report that will be available for dissemination.

To apply for participation in the workshop and learn more, please visit:

About ASTM International

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About the ARM Institute

The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute is a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) funded by the Office of the Secretary of Defense under Agreement Number W911NF-17-3-0004 and is part of the Manufacturing USA® network. The ARM Institute leverages a unique, robust, and diverse ecosystem of nearly 400 consortium members and partners across industry, academia, and government to make robotics, autonomy, and artificial intelligence more accessible to U.S. manufacturers large and small, train and empower the manufacturing workforce, strengthen our economy and global competitiveness, and elevate national security and resilience.  Based in Pittsburgh, PA since 2017 with a regional office in St. Petersburg, FL, the ARM Institute is leading the way to a future where people & robots work together to respond to our nation’s greatest challenges and to produce the world’s most desired products. For more information, visit and follow the ARM Institute on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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