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Proposed Standard Aims to Support New Materials that Maintain Concrete Sustainability

A proposed ASTM International standard aims to support use of new supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) that are needed to continue supporting concrete sustainability.  

Andrew Kireta Jr. Begins Term as ASTM International Board Chair

Andrew G. Kireta Jr., vice president of market development at the Copper Development Association Inc., in McLean, Virginia, (USA), has started his term as the 2020 chair of the ASTM International board of directors. 

ASTM International’s board is made of 25 leaders from a variety of companies, associations, universities, government bodies, and other organizations around the world. 

ASTM International Group Seeks Help Creating Fentanyl-Detection Standards

ASTM International’s homeland security applications committee (known as E54) is looking for experts to help develop standards that will help first responders be safer and more effective when dealing with fentanyl and fentanyl-related compounds.

Proposed Standard Supports Consistent Testing of Products that Use Magnets

ASTM International’s magnetic properties committee is seeking participants to develop a standard for magnet assemblies used on products such as magnetic separators, point of sale displays and tool fixturing.

Specifically, the new standard (WK70439) aims to describe a procedure for conducting pull tests on permanent magnet assemblies. Such tests help confirm the assembly is constructed correctly, magnetized properly and will produce a minimum amount of holding power. 

Water Sports Group Publishes First Standard, Focused on Ropes

A new ASTM International standardized test method for fiber rope aims to support safety and performance of ropes used to tow inflatable recreational equipment behind boats. The snow and water sports committee approved the new standard (soon to be published as F3410). 

According to ASTM International member Bethany Suderman, the standard can help various manufacturers test their ropes in the same way.  

Major "Remote ID" Drone Tracking Standard Published by ASTM International

A highly anticipated ASTM International standard aims to satisfy the growing demand for better identification and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems (commonly known as drones) in airspace systems worldwide.

Cannabis Committee Seeks Help Developing Hempcrete Standards

ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) is inviting interested parties to help develop two proposed standards for using hempcrete in construction. 

New Standard Aims to Improve Temperature Measurement Accuracy

A new ASTM International standard will help improve the accuracy of temperature measurement essential in many industries. ASTM’s temperature measurement committee (E20) developed the new standard.

“Temperature is one of the most measured physical quantities in industry,” says ASTM International member Frank Liebmann, a metrology engineer at Fluke Calibration. “It affects most industrial processes, so ensuring a more accurate determination of temperature is very important.”

ASTM International Seeks Participants in Development of Adult Scooter Standard

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) invites all interested parties to join its subcommittee on powered scooters and skateboards as it further develops a proposed standard on electric-powered scooters for adults.

Proposed Colloidal Silica Standard Could Improve Durability of Concrete

A proposed ASTM International specification will fill the need for a standard covering the use of colloidal silica, a versatile nanoparticle used in concrete that aids in durability. ASTM’s concrete and concrete aggregates committee (C09) is developing the proposed release (WK60809).  

“Practical applications for colloidal silica in concrete include everything from walkway pavements to building foundations,” says Jon Belkowitz, director of research and development, Intelligent Concrete, LLC.  


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