Papers Invited for Workshop on Automated Crack Length Measurement

Papers are invited for ASTM International’s Workshop on Automated Crack Length Measurement, to be held Nov. 13, 2024, in Orlando, FL. The event is sponsored by ASTM International’s fatigue and fracture committee (E08) and will be held in conjunction with the committee’s standards development meetings.

As computer and electronic resources increase in capability and decrease in cost, there’s more opportunity for mechanical testing to improve precision and throughput. This workshop provides a forum for exchanging ideas on automated crack length measurement for mechanical testing. This would include applications of electrical potential drop, optical crack length measurement, and any other technique to size a crack during a fatigue or fatigue crack growth test. The workshop will also pursue methods to validate these measurements and streamline the data analysis.

Topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in electrical potential difference (AC or DC), or specimen compliance techniques;
  • Automated optical crack detection and measurement/sizing;
  • Digital Image Correlation methods as applied to crack length characterization;
  • Methods to incorporate manual crack length measurements in calibration/validation of automated measurements (e.g. periodic measurements of the surface crack length during a test or fracture surface markings observed on the failed specimen);
  • The treatment of crack front curvature on an average crack length measurement;
  • Incorporating time-dependent crack tip plasticity on the automated crack length measurement;
  • And other non-destructive methods to determine crack length during a mechanical test.

Those interested in presenting at this workshop should submit a 250 to 300-word abstract pertaining to the above topics to Workshop Chairs no later than July 12, 2024.

The workshop co-chairs can be reached by email: Andrew H. Rosenberger          

(; Peter C. McKeighan (; and Robert Tregoning (

For more information about this workshop, please visit:

Symposia Operations Contact: Tammy Schane tel+1.610.832.9522,

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May 17, 2024