Proposed Standard Supports Additively Manufactured Automotive Parts

ASTM International’s additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42) is developing a proposed standard that will be used to assign part grades across automotive industries that use AM to produce parts.

“The proposed standard is the first step in providing an AM parts grading system for the automotive industry,” says ASTM member Chuck Nostedt. “This document is one step toward adding part grades/classifications in all transportation areas.”

The part grade metric detailed in the proposed standard (WK87222) will be used for engineering, procurement, non-destructive inspection, testing, qualification, and certification processes needed for AM automotive parts. The grade scheme will establish a consistent methodology to define and communicate the consequence of failure associated with AM automotive parts.

All interested parties are invited to join F42 in the development of WK87222 and other proposed standards.

“Additive manufacturing part grades/classifications are new to the automotive realms,” says Nostedt. “Automotive is only one portion of the larger transportation sector. Other AM parts grades/classifications are needed for other modes of transportation, including rail and sea.”

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