Proposed ASTM Standard Will Support Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

ASTM International’s concrete and concrete aggregates committee (C09) is developing a proposed standard (WK73384) that will evaluate the tensile performance of fiber-reinforced concrete using cylindrical specimens with double-punch loading.

The proposed standard contains “pre- and post-peak tensile properties (that) hold great significance in fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) and ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC). These properties serve as the fundamental characteristics of FRC and UHPC, playing a vital role in determining the capacities and failure modes of structural members constructed from these materials,” says ASTM member Shih-Ho (Simon) Chao. He adds that FRC and UHPC provide an enhanced durability over conventional concrete, which “has the potential to encourage the adoption of these durable materials, thereby promoting sustainable development within society, particularly in terms of sustainable infrastructure.”

This method is primarily based on the double-punch test (DPT). “The double-punch test, outlined in the proposed standard, utilizes a simple apparatus and procedure, providing a convenient method for obtaining these tensile properties. This test method is well-suited for routine testing purposes and exhibits low variability in its results,” says Chao, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. According to Chao, the DPT is highly regarded as it has undergone extensive testing by various researchers across the world.

Chao believes this will serve as a helpful tool for quality control purposes and/or as a guide for serviceability and strength design.

All interested parties (specifically departments of transportation, government agencies, FRC suppliers, fiber manufacturers, and researchers) are invited to contribute to the development of the proposed standard.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12 on responsible consumption and production.

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