NPMAs National Education Seminar to Feature ASTM International Standards Track

ASTM International standards will play an important role in the National Property Management Association’s National Education Seminar, to be held from Aug. 25-Sept. 1, in Minneapolis, Minn. Standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E53 on Property Management Systems will be the subject of a dedicated track at NES that will include several individual seminars, as well as breakout sessions. In addition, a panel discussion focused on E53 standards will include government and industry leaders in the property management field.

According to Lyle Hestermann, chair, Committee E53, the relationship between NPMA and the committee has always been close. "E53 consists primarily of NPMA members who were chartered by NPMA to work with ASTM International in the development of standards," says Hestermann. "An ongoing dialog exists between E53 committee members and NPMA to ensure consistency, continuity and continued information flow. The existing partnership between our organizations is one that recognizes the strengths of both, where education and certification are fulfilled by NPMA and the development and distribution of standards for the property/equipment management industry is best served via the robust and internationally recognized ASTM consensus and publication process."

The NES offers the opportunity for property professionals from federal and state governments, the private sector and educational entities to gather and share information. Hestermann notes that the panel discussion will be a particularly good venue for this information sharing and says that Committee E53 and NPMA’s meeting planner, Nancy Yarish, are working to further enhance the ASTM standards track at NES to respond to common needs.

Committee E53 welcomes participation from all interested parties. Current standards activity includes work on four proposed new standards: Practice for Prioritizing Asset Management Resources, Practice for Classification of Equipment Physical Location Information, Practice for Calculation of Equipment Movement Velocity and Practice for Establishing the Characterization of an Industry-Leading or Best Practice Property Management System.

For further technical information, contact Lyle Hestermann, Raytheon, Fort Wayne, Ind. (phone: 620/429-4082; Committee E53 will meet Aug. 25-Sept. 1, in Minneapolis, Minn. For membership or meeting details, contact Christine Sierk (phone: 610/832-9728;


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