Registration Open for Second Symposium on Detection Limits in Air Quality and Environmental Measurements

Registration is open for ASTM International’s Second Symposium on Detection Limits in Air Quality and Environmental Measurements, to be held October 19-21, 2022 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel (Louisiana, USA). The event is sponsored by ASTM committee D22 on air quality, in conjunction with the committee’s October standards development meetings.

The objective of the symposium will be to discuss detection limits as applied to environmental measurements, and to determine where collaborative activity under the ASTM International umbrella can help to unify various terms under the concept of detection limits.

Topics for this symposium include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Detection Limits Standards (or the lack thereof)
  •  Policy Issues
  •  When Occupational Limit Values Are Below Detection Limits
  •  How Laboratories Determine Reporting Limits
  •  Mathematical Basis for Detection Limit Calculations
  •  Applications and Recent Developments
  •  Censoring of Data Based on Detection and Quantitation Limits
  •  Instrumentation with Low Background Levels
  •  Measurement Uncertainty (including sampling uncertainty) and the Impact on Detection Limits
  •  Cases “For” and “Against” Controlling False Negatives
  •  “Detection Limits” Nomenclature (e.g., chemistry, asbestos, radioactive particle counting)

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Additional information is available from symposium chair Mike Brisson ( and co-chairs Tom Bzik ( and Raul Dominguez (

Symposia Operations Contact: Jennifer Buono tel+1.610.832.9698,

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August 15, 2022