Registration Open for 42nd Symposium on Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems

Registration is open for the 42nd Symposium on Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: Building the Future of Agrochemicals for 2030 and Beyond, to be held October 18-20, 2022 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel (Louisiana, USA). The event is sponsored by ASTM committee E35 on pesticides, antimicrobials, and alternative control agents, in conjunction with the committee’s October standards development meetings.

The primary objective of the symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of formulation and application technologies associated with pesticides, biopesticides, micronutrients, and adjuvant products (agrochemicals). Primary attention will be directed to presentations related to:
•    Global regulatory trends impacting agrochemical formulations
•    Formulation technologies to improve agrochemical applications and efficacy
•    Application technologies related to improved pesticide applications and drift reduction 
•    Product stewardship, sustainability, and safety
•    Physical and chemical test methods related to crop protection products

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August 15, 2022