Papers Invited for ASTM International Symposium on Orthopedic Robotic and Navigation Surgical Systems

Papers are invited for ASTM International’s Symposium on Testing and Standards of Orthopedic Robotic and Navigation Surgical Systems, to be held Nov. 12, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. The event is sponsored by ASTM International’s medical and surgical materials and devices committee (F04) and will be held in conjunction with the committee’s standards development meetings.

The overall objective of the symposium is to facilitate a scientific/technical exchange and discussion among various experts to mobilize plans for new standardized test methods of orthopedic robotic and navigation surgical systems.

This symposium will:

  • Highlight common or contrasting test methods, differentiating between them to identify categories of systems, and patient risks the test methods aim to screen for when writing standards,
  • Identify critical areas of unmet needs in standards,
  • Recruit members to lead in the creation of standards in areas such as navigational accuracy, precision, and bias, accuracy bench testing for realistic surgical processes (e.g. bone resection, hole drilling, etc.), and operative environmental simulations.

Contributions in areas outside orthopedic surgery are also welcome if they can be adapted to suit the future.

To participate in the symposium, authors must submit a 250 to 300-word preliminary abstract using the online Abstract Submission Portal no later than May 10, 2024. To ensure your abstract is received into the ASTM database, please email and let us know that you have submitted an abstract.

Additional information is available from technical co-chairs, Hani Haider, PhD ( and Michel D. Janda (

For more information about this symposium, please visit

Symposia Operations Contact: Tammy Schane tel+1.610.832.9522,

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February 15, 2024