ASTM International and NEU Sign Memorandum Of Understanding

Global standards organization ASTM International and NEU, An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon-Neutral Concrete have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at reducing and eliminating the carbon footprint of concrete in the built environment.

The MoU, signed by Lawrence Sutter, NEU board president, and Katharine Morgan, ASTM International president, will allow both organizations to effectively and efficiently collaborate and reduce redundant efforts on issues related to carbon-neutral concrete.

Both ASTM and NEU agreed to collaborate and take action in the following activities:

  • Foster and support technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of concrete and concrete products;
  • Develop, promulgate, and advocate the adoption of consensus-based codes and standards that allow the use of carbon-neutral concrete;
  • Identify and support research needed to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete and concrete products;
  • Develop and deliver means and methods to validate design methodologies, material technologies, and products that reduce the carbon footprint of concrete design, construction, products, and recycling; and
  • Provide technology transfer, professional development, course content, and related resources needed by the design, construction, specifying professionals, and owner representatives to apply sound and proven carbon-reduction technologies.

“We are thrilled to partner with NEU to support sustainability on activities related to carbon-neutral concrete,” notes Morgan. “We strongly believe this agreement will have a significant role in those efforts and we look forward to ongoing collaboration within the concrete industry.”

“NEU is excited to have ASTM as an Allied Organization,” notes Sutter. “This partnership will be instrumental in accelerating the adoption of carbon neutral concrete materials and technologies into standards for the construction industry. We value our partnership with ASTM and look forward to all we can achieve.”

As part of the MoU, ASTM International became recognized as an Allied Organization of NEU, allowing for further collaboration within respective standards development processes, facilitating technical standardization dialogue, conducting mutual outreach with key associations, and more.

Additionally, both parties will seek to leverage ASTM Xcellerate, an emerging technology program launched earlier this year, to advance NEU’s core functions. Potential joint activities could include coordinated funding sources for R&D, aligning technology and standards roadmaps, and program development, among others.

About ASTM International

Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. We integrate consensus standards – developed with our international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovative services to improve lives… Helping our world work better.

About NEU
NEU was established by the American Concrete Institute to collaborate globally to drive research, education, awareness, and adoption of the use of carbon-neutral concrete materials and technologies in the built environment.  NEU has seen rapid growth since its founding, and we encourage participation in our Center to help the industry meet carbon neutral goals.

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October 26, 2022