ASME Adds Three Publishers, Expanding its Digital Collection of Engineering Knowledge and Centralizing Resources for Engineers, Educators, Researchers, and Librarians

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) today has announced the expansion of the ASME Digital Collection with content from three new contributors: ASTM International, The American Welding Society, and Business Expert Press. This collaboration combines the publications of four organizations to create a substantive collection of engineering content. This unified digital repository will serve as an essential resource for professionals seeking engineering solutions to global challenges.

One of the largest technical publishing operations in the world, ASME offers thousands of titles including some of the engineering profession's most prestigious peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and ASME Press e-books. Now, ASTM International makes its Digital Library available via the ASME Digital Collection, powered by the Silverchair platform, with the migration intended to broaden access to a wider audience. Business Expert Press has added more than 200 applied, concise business book titles to the ASME platform. In addition, the American Welding Society will add select reference materials to the platform over the next few months. Technical standards from the new collaborators are not part of the expanded ASME Digital Collection.

“ASTM has a robust catalog of peer-reviewed books, journals, symposia papers, manuals, and technical reports supporting over 1,200 organizations globally,” says Stuart Radcliffe, ASTM International’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The relationship with ASME and Silverchair offers an improved user experience by delivering innovative research capabilities tailored specifically to users in academia and industry. With this partnership, ASTM will now offer enhanced subject matter discoverability to our stakeholders and enrich the experience for the authors that publish through ASTM.”

The ASTM Digital Library covers a broad range of engineering disciplines and includes 1,500+ Manuals and Special Technical Publications, totaling over 20,600 journal articles and 35,600 chapters and papers. The ASME Digital Collection provides a wealth of peer-reviewed content through journals, conference proceedings, and books dating back to 1933.

“Business Expert press is thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with ASME,” says Charlene Kronstedt, director of production and marketing at Business Expert Press. “By merging our digital library content with ASME’s prestigious collection, we are creating a dynamic platform that promotes cross-disciplinary learning and innovation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations, as it combines BEP’s rich repository of business-focused resources with ASME’s commitment to advancing engineering knowledge–a partnership that reflects our shared dedication to providing valuable resources that support the continuous growth of our communities.”

Aligned with the AWS mission to advance the welding and allied joining industries, the AWS portion of the ASME Digital Library will provide a cloud-based repository for select reference materials. 

"We look forward to collaborating with ASME on their digital library by including select AWS reference materials on their platform,” says Annette Alonso, managing director of publishing. “This initiative not only provides AWS content to an important segment of the engineering community, but also aligns with our commitment to contribute valuable resources for the continuous growth of the welding and allied joining industries."

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February 28, 2024