Lindsey Hamill Begins Term on ASTM International Board of Directors

Lindsey Hamill, sensory manager at Perdue Foods, has started her three-year term on the ASTM International board of directors.

ASTM International’s board is made of 25 leaders from a variety of companies, associations, universities, government bodies, and other organizations around the world.

Hamill has worked for Perdue Foods for the past 19 years, working in several departments such as tech services, Perdue’s primary breeder operation and, for the past decade, in research & development in their sensory department.

Hamill joined ASTM International in 2013. She has been involved with several committees, including serving as a recording secretary for the committee on sensory evaluation (E18), which she joined in 2013. Additionally, she served on the committee on technical committee operations (COTCO) and as chair of the COTCO technical operations subcommittee.

Hamill holds a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. in agricultural science from University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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January 19, 2023