ASTM Launches Central Philippine University Student Chapter

ASTM International has established a new ASTM student chapter at Central Philippine University, residing in the school’s Packaging Engineering program. Coursework for students in the program includes ASTM’s various packaging (D10) and primary barrier packaging (F02) standards.

Located in Iloilo City, Philippines, CPU was founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1905. Part of its College of Engineering, ASTM’s program at CPU will be overseen by engineers Bernie Cangrejo and Danielle Sentillanosa, who will serve as program head and faculty advisor, respectively.

"As the pioneering packaging engineering program in Southeast Asia, the establishment of the ASTM Student Chapter at CPU fosters our vision to be a globally recognized institution of premier packaging education for producing quality packaging engineers committed to serving the country and the world,” says Cangrejo. “The connections and opportunities that it will bring means capacity building for our faculty and helping our students to prepare for their future."

Andy Kireta, ASTM’s new president, spoke at the chapter launch, remarking “I firmly believe that what makes ASTM so successful is our ability to attract and engage with a diverse array of global technical experts who help drive standards development forward. And ASTM’s ability to advance standards and transform markets relies on an influx of technical experts to our open and transparent process.”

ASTM’s packaging committee (D10) is the lead sponsor for the chapter, working closely with the primary barrier packing committee (F02). Taken together, these committees have developed over 150 packaging standards and have over 600 members. In the coming years, they plan to build more opportunities for students beyond this new chapter.

ASTM launched its student chapter program in 2020. With this launch, CPU joins student chapters formed at Florida International University; the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru; the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom; and the Florida Institute of Technology.

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May 30, 2024