ASTM International Unveils Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) Certification Program

ASTM International, a global standards organization, has announced the launch of the Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) Certification program for manufacturers using metal AM. This certification program was developed because of industry analysis, user perspective, and identification of gaps that exist within the additive manufacturing industry.  The program demonstrates additive manufacturers’ capability to produce parts with consistent quality by complying with published ISO/ASTM standards with a multi-industry focus.

So far, four major additive manufacturers, Sintavia from FL, USA, Morf3D from CA, USA, MIMO TECHNIK from CA, USA, and ST Engineering Land Systems from Singapore, have been certified against this program, showcasing their commitment to industry quality

The AMQ certification program is built based on two joint ISO/ASTM standards: ISO/ASTM 52901-2017 "Additive Manufacturing - General Principles - Requirements for Purchased AM Parts" and ISO/ASTM 52904-2019 "Additive Manufacturing - Process Characteristics and Performance - Practice for Metal Powder Bed Fusion Process to Meet Critical Applications." These standards serve as the foundation for the certification program, which has been developed in collaboration with input from various additive manufacturers, end-users, and ASTM members/partners.

The AMQ certification program ensures that manufacturers adhere to requirements for purchased AM parts, implement an AM-specific quality management system, and maintain operation and production control of the metal powder bed fusion (PBF) process. The program is designed with a modular approach, allowing organizations to choose individual certifications or bundle them based on their specific needs to establish a facility that meets the requirements for quality part production.

In addition to the AMQ Certification, ASTM International currently offers two other certification programs for AM: AM Personnel Certification and Facility Safety Certification. The AM Personnel Certification certifies AM operators to be qualified for producing parts using metal laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB/M) processes on specific metal AM platforms, ensuring competent machine operations. The Facility Safety Certification evaluates an AM facility for safe and compliant operations per published codes and standards.

"We are excited to announce the launch of the Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) Certification program, which highlights the commitment of additive manufacturers to producing parts with consistent quality," said Dr. Mohsen Seifi, ASTM International vice president of global advanced manufacturing programs. "This certification, along with our other AM certifications, provides the industry with a reliable means to demonstrate their dedication to excellence and compliance with established standards. We are proud to support the growth of AM through our comprehensive certification programs."

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May 1, 2023