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ASTM International Proficiency Testing Programs on Metals

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ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP) programs are statistical quality assurance programs that enable laboratories to assess their performance in conducting test methods within their own laboratories when their data are compared against other laboratories that participate worldwide in the same program.

ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP) on Metals are sponsored by ASTM Committees E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores and Related Materials and E28 on Mechanical Testing. ASTM offers five metal programs:

•    Chemical Analysis of Aluminum
•    Chemical Analysis of Plain Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel
•    Chemical Analysis of Stainless Steel
•    Determination of Gold Bullion by Cupellation
•    Mechanical Testing of Metals

Each participating laboratory completes the routine tests normally conducted within its own facility using the specified ASTM methods. By comparing results against others worldwide, laboratories are able to satisfy accreditation requirements and meet the increasing global demands for quality testing.

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