ASTM International Honors Kevin VonScio with Analytical Chemistry Award

ASTM International’s analytical chemistry for metals, ores, and related materials committee (E01) has presented its Ted Linde Leadership Award to Kevin VonScio, quality manager (melting facility) at The Perryman Company.

VonScio was recognized for being an outstanding and valuable contributor to the overall work of committee E01. In particular, the committee praised his exemplary leadership as the chair of subcommittee E01.06 on Ti, Zr, W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Hf, Re and E01.22 on laboratory quality.

An ASTM International member since 2005, VonScio had been previously honored by the committee with the Lundell-Bright Award.

VonScio specializes in melting, testing, and processing of titanium and titanium alloys. Prior to taking his current position at Perryman in 1997, he worked mostly in metallurgy at other Pennsylvania companies such as AK Steel and ATI.

VonScio earned his bachelor of science in chemistry from California University of Pennsylvania (1991), his master of science in chemistry from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1995), and another master of science in material science and engineering from the University of Pittsburgh (2000).

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January 23, 2024