ASTM International Exo Technology Center of Excellence Seeks Participants in Medical Practitioners Survey

Today, ASTM International’s Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) debuted a new survey aimed at confirming gaps and opportunities in medical exoskeleton certification, standards, and best practices. 

Recognizing that medical exoskeletons have the potential to transform physical rehabilitation and patient handling, the ET CoE team is looking for participation from medical practitioners to identify and validate foundational information related to medical exoskeletons. 

The purpose of this survey is to collect input and feedback from practitioners that use or have considered using medical exoskeleton products with a variety of patients with relevant conditions.  

“The information solicited will help ASTM International’s exoskeletons and exosuits committee (F48) develop relevant standards to support and enhance the growth and success of the exoskeleton industry,” notes William Billotte, Ph.D., ASTM International director of global exo technology programs. “The survey findings will be carefully analyzed, and the identified needs, concerns, and opportunities will be summarized and prioritized.”

Anticipated key outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding this populations experiences with and perceptions regarding the different types of exoskeleton technologies they work with;
  • Patient/user feedback
  • Identify types of products selected and what conditions they serve as well as potential discretionary measures to select between similar products;
  • Understand the evaluation process used by each group;
  • Identify research and information gaps;
  • Identify common trends and experiences;
  • Understand current barriers to the use of exoskeletons by patients, and more.

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Established in 2019, ASTM’s Center of Excellence in Exo Technology (ET CoE) focuses on accelerating exo standards through research, education, workforce development, training certifications, and connecting global exo communities.

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February 9, 2022