ASTM International and EUROCAE Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Representatives from global standards organizations ASTM International and the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

The agreement will foster information exchange and cooperation in the aviation and aerospace sectors aiming to reduce duplication of efforts and to promote harmonization, interoperability, and compatibility of technical solutions in global aviation. 

The MoU was signed by EUROCAE Director General Christian Schleifer and ASTM International Vice President of Global Policy, Cooperation and Communications Jeff Grove. 

“ASTM International is very pleased to establish this cooperation agreement with EUROCAE as it builds on our existing relationship and positions us to work more collaboratively and efficiently in the future,” notes Grove.

Schleifer expressed his appreciation of the collaboration and added that “consensus standards play an extremely important role in aviation. We are excited to expand on our partnership with ASTM International and look forward to the work we will do together or doing complementary in support of the global aviation community.”

Specifically, ASTM International and EUROCAE will work together to the advancement of the following objectives:

  • Explore opportunities for EUROCAE and ASTM to collaborate within their respective standards development processes;
  • Facilitate technical standardization dialogue between EUROCAE and ASTM in the identified areas of interest; and
  • Share information on ASTM and EUROCAE standards development activities and emerging technologies, trends, or regulatory drivers of mutual interest for the benefit of the organizations’ stakeholders. 
  • Avoid duplication in coordinating our work program, complementing our activities while further foster global harmonization and worldwide interoperability.

ASTM International and EUROCAE have had a successful and constructive relationship for several years, including ASTM participating in European standards coordination efforts led by EUROCAE. This MoU will empower experts and committees from both ASTM and EUROCAE to learn from each other and promote alignment in areas of common interest including UAS traffic management (UTM), runway friction, Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL), and more. 


EUROCAE develops high-quality aviation standards, which are built upon the expertise of more than 3500 highly skilled experts nominated by EUROCAE´s 360 European and global members. EUROCAE standards are referenced by all major European and international regulators and are therefore actively contributing to a safe, efficient and sustainable aviation. 

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August 27, 2021