Abstracts Invited for ASTM International’s Sports Medicine Medical Device Workshop

Abstracts are invited for ASTM International’s Workshop on Testing of Sports Medicine Medical Devices, to be held May 7, 2024, in Philadelphia, PA. The event is sponsored by ASTM International’s medical and surgical materials and devices committee (F04) and will be held in conjunction with the committee’s standards development meetings.

This workshop will identify new opportunities for standards and related products, with a potential outcome being the creation of a committee specifically for sports medicine products.

Workshop topics include:

  • Patches;
  • Sutures;
  • Suture anchors;
  • Meniscal repair devices; and
  • Interference screws.

Those interested in presenting at this workshop should submit a 250 to 300-word abstract pertaining to the above topics to any of the workshop chairs (listed below) by March 1, 2024.

Additional information is available from technical co-chairs, David Spenciner (spenciner@hotmail.com); John Konicek (john.konicek@arthrex.com); Heitor Korndorfer (korndorfer@mscmed.com.br); and Mahlet Zinah (mahlet.zinah@fda.hhs.gov).

For more information about this symposium, please visit: https://go.astm.org/sports-med-workshop.

Symposia Operations Contact: Tammy Schane, tel +1.610.832.9522; symposia@astm.org

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January 12, 2024