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Waterfront Boat Barrier Standard Under Development in ASTM International

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ASTM Committee F12 on Security Systems and Equipment invites all interested parties to join in the development of a new standard on waterfront boat barriers. This activity will be under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F12.10 on Systems Products and Services.

The perimeters of military and civilian installations, both on land and on water, are currently being protected by personnel, electronic sensing device and/or physical barriers. Whether perimeter protection is intended only to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel or is intended to prevent a bomb-laden vehicle from breaching the perimeter, design parameters for establishing and protecting most perimeter situations exist.

The perimeter security of water-based U.S. Navy assets against hostile watercraft is outlined in Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center technical report TR-0650-OCN, "Waterfront Boat Barrier Design Criteria." However, a deficiency in waterfront protection exists due to the absence of established methodologies for testing and evaluating the performance of waterfront boat barrier designs. Unlike land-based installations, the physical testing of waterfront boat barriers designed in accordance with the aforementioned naval document is not conducted in accordance with any particular uniform standard to date.

Members of ASTM International Committee F12, various research organizations, private industry, and the military have expressed a desire to develop uniform standards for physically testing and evaluating the dynamic performance of waterfront barriers. The proposed standard is intended to address 1) static and full-scale dynamic impact tests and 2) performance evaluation criteria for various Navy asset classifications of waterfront boat barriers, as identified in TR-0650-OCN. The purpose of the proposed ASTM standard will be to verify performance levels of various waterfront security perimeter devices prior to their purchase and installation.

Prevention and deterrence would be addressed in this standard. The result will be the development of a uniform standard for the performance evaluation and testing of waterfront boat barrier perimeter security devices.

For further technical information, contact Leo J. Yodock, Yodock Wall Company, Inc., Bloomsburg, Pa. (phone: 570/380-2856; or Ed Conrath, P.E., Protective Design Center, Omaha, Neb. (phone: 402/221-3152; Committee F12 meets Oct. 17 - 19, in Dallas, Texas. For membership or meeting details, contact Joe Hugo, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9740;


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