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Proposed Standard Will Establish Maintenance Practice for Amusement Railway Steam Locomotives

ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is developing a standard to establish new inspection and maintenance requirements for steam propelled locomotives found at amusement parks. 

Proposed ASTM International Standard Will Help Determine Leather Cleanability

ASTM International’s committee on leather (D31) is developing a proposed standard that will help to assess the effect of various soling agents on leather. 

New Standard Will Help to Evaluate Durability of Laminated Glass

A new ASTM International standard presents a set of criteria that can be used to evaluate laminated glass products for durability against radiation and weathering. ASTM’s glass and glass products committee (C14) developed the standard, which will soon be published as C1900. 

Proposed Additive Manufacturing Standard Will Help with Data Registration

ASTM International’s additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42) is developing a proposed standard that will help with data registration in additive manufacturing processes. 

Proposed Standard Will Help Improve Exoskeleton Design Technology

A proposed ASTM International standard will help to accelerate the pace of safe and ergonomic designs of exoskeleton/exosuit technology. ASTM’s committee on exoskeletons and exosuits (F48) is developing the proposed standard, which also seeks to reduce the cost of physical exo device manufacturing. 

Proposed Standard Covers Flame Mitigation Devices for Fuel Containers

A new ASTM International standard for flame mitigation devices on disposable fuel containers will help ensure that such containers are equipped to resist an external flame that could cause a flame jetting event. ASTM’s consumer safety committee (F15) is developing the proposed standard.

ASTM International to Host Organizational Meeting on Stormwater Control Measures

New stormwater management standards could support efforts to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff, create uniform testing, verification, and certification programs for stormwater control measures, unify varied stakeholders, and much more. 

Manufacturers, users, trade associations, professional societies, government agencies, consumer groups, academia, engineers, and testers are driving this effort. They are interested in creating standards in areas such as laboratory performance methods, field monitoring practices, and installation and maintenance guides, among others.  

ASTM International Water Committee Developing Proposed Contaminate Monitoring Standard

ASTM International’s water committee (D19) is developing a proposed standard (WK74011) that would aid water treatment facilities in monitoring nitrosamine contamination. 

Nueva norma ASTM que Evalúa la Luminancia retroreflectiva de la Señalización Vial en el Pavimento


Actualmente la Administración Federal de Carreteras de Estados Unidos está haciendo un esfuerzo para establecer normas nacionales para mantener los niveles mínimos de retroreflectividad para las señalizaciónes del pavimento, la Administración ha manifestado la necesidad un protocolo práctico para la medición de estos niveles.

Nueva Norma ASTM Internacional sobre la Prueba de Velocidad de Secado de la humedad relativa elevada en las Pinturas de Señalización del Pavimento


El Comité ASTM Internacional D01 sobre Pinturas y Recubrimientos relacionados, Materiales y Aplicaciones ha aprobado una norma sobre una cámara de prueba utilizada por los servicios de transporte y organismos similares en todo el mundo para especificar y probar la velocidad de secado de la humedad relativamente elevada transmitida por el agua de las pinturas de señalización para pavimento.


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