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New Standard Will Help Determine Maneuverability of Automatic Unmanned Ground Vehicles

A new ASTM International standard will be used to quantitatively evaluate the maneuverability, repeatability, and accuracy of an automatic unmanned ground vehicle (A-UGV) when docking at defined locations in confined areas. ASTM’s committee on driverless automatic guide industrial vehicles (F45) developed the standard.

New ASTM International Standard Will Help Test Hardness of Metallic Instruments

A new ASTM International standard describes a hardness test method based on measurement of indentation depth into test material. The instruments covered in the new standard, developed by ASTM’s committee on mechanical testing (E28), are used by the oil and gas, transportation, and machinery and tooling industries.

These instruments referenced in the standard, which will soon be published as E3246, are generally portable and cover an application range not served by instruments standardized in other test methods.

New ASTM International Aviation Standard Will Help Determine Airplane Load Data

A new ASTM International standard will be helpful in determining load data for small airplanes. ASTM’s general aviation aircraft committee (F44) developed the new standard, which will soon be published as F3498. 

According to ASTM International member A.K.M. Haque, the new standard will be used by aircraft manufacturers to certify new designs; aircraft repair and modification organizations to certify changes to aircraft; and regulatory agencies that need to approve changes submitted by applicants. 

New ASTM International Standard Helps Determine Abrasion Coating Resistance on Smart Devices

A new ASTM International standard will be used to help determine the abrasion resistance of coatings on the touchscreens of smart devices. ASTM’s committee on paint and related coatings, materials, and applications (D01) developed the new standard, which will soon be published as D8380. 

Proposed Forensics Standard Will Focus on Characterization of Polymeric Materials

ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) is developing a proposed standard to guide laboratories that characterize or compare polymeric materials, such as fiber, paint, or tape forensic evidence.

Proposed Water Sports Standard Will Determine Bend Resistance of Water Skis

ASTM International’s snow and water sports committee (F27) is developing a standard that will be used to determine how resistant a water ski is to permanent bending. The proposed standard (WK69725) will also be used to test the basic strength of skis.

ASTM International Seeks Written Submissions and Participants in Revision of Sensory Claims Standard

ASTM International’s sensory evaluation committee (E18) invites all interested parties to participate in revising its guide for sensory claim substantiation (E1958). Participation can take the form of a written submission or active involvement in revision of the standard.

ASTM International Committee Activity Focuses on Aerospace Industry Certification

New activity from ASTM International’s aerospace personnel committee (F46) focuses on standardizing certification in the aerospace industry.

Committee F46 oversees the development and maintenance of internationally-accepted standards and guidance materials for aerospace personnel education, qualification, testing, certification requirements, and continued education concurrent with technological advancement. 

New ASTM International Construction Standard Will Support Architectural Mockup Programs

A new ASTM International standard will help architects who are designing mockup structures used to prepare for the construction of a new building. ASTM’s committee on performance of buildings (E06) developed the standard, which will soon be approved as E3223.

ASTM International member Eric Peterson notes that when new buildings are constructed, especially large complex buildings with intricate facades, architects will build a mockup that simulates a portion of the façade and components for the new building.

Proposed ASTM International Standard Answers Need for Testing Stent Kink Resistance

A proposed ASTM International standard will answer the need for a standardized test method that addresses the kink resistance of endovascular stents and stent grafts. The proposed standard (WK70150) is being developed by ASTM’s committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) and will provide detailed, standardized methods for testing kink resistance.


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