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Nueva Norma ASTM Internacional sobre la Prueba de Velocidad de Secado de la humedad relativa elevada en las Pinturas de Señalización del Pavimento


El Comité ASTM Internacional D01 sobre Pinturas y Recubrimientos relacionados, Materiales y Aplicaciones ha aprobado una norma sobre una cámara de prueba utilizada por los servicios de transporte y organismos similares en todo el mundo para especificar y probar la velocidad de secado de la humedad relativamente elevada transmitida por el agua de las pinturas de señalización para pavimento.

ASTM International, 새로운 바이오 디젤 스팩 발표


B6 - B20 혼합 연료를 새롭게 규정; 디젤 및 버너 연료

 B5 혼합 연료까지 포함하도록 스팩 개정

Proposed Medical Devices Standard Will Help Validate Cleaning Methods

A proposed ASTM International standard presents methods for detecting and quantifying cleaning markers (analytes) on reusable medical devices. ASTM’s committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) is developing the proposed standard.

New Standard Will Support Measuring Quality of Cement in Geosynthetic Composite Mats

A new ASTM International standard aid engineers and specifiers looking to understand the quality and strength of cement contained in geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCMs). ASTM’s geosynthetics committee developed the new standard, which is needed to allow for a consistent industry method for the application of compression strength in GCCMs.

Proposed Guide Supports Evaluation of Cavity Wall Facades

A proposed standard will be used to support the periodic assessment of cavity wall facades. ASTM’s committee on the performance of buildings (E06) is developing the standard. In cavity wall facades, a grid of wall ties provides lateral restraint between the exterior veneer and the back-up wall. The proposed guide will support stability assessments of such facades.

New ASTM International Standard Will Help in Sulfur Dioxide Removal

A new standard from ASTM International’s coal and coke committee (D05) covers the determination of the quality of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) solids that are products of processes used to remove sulfur dioxide from exhaust gasses at fossil-fuel power plants and waste incinerators. 

Proposed Forensics Standard Will Aid Organic Gunshot Residue Analysis

A proposed ASTM International standard will help provide a standard practice for the collection, preservation, and analysis of organic gunshot residues. ASTM’s forensic science committee (E30) is developing the proposed standard (WK72856).

ASTM International Seeks Participants to Review Adult Portable Bed Rails Specification

ASTM International’s adult safety products subcommittee (F15.70) is seeking help reviewing its specification for adult portable bed rails and related products (F3186). The subcommittee is part of ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15). 

Proposed Standard will Help Determine Methyl Hydrogen Content Standard in Hydrocarbon Oils

A proposed ASTM International standard will be used to determine the total methyl hydrogen content of un-additized base stock hydrocarbon oils (lubricating oils). The test method uses high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers on samples that are completely soluble in chloroform at ambient temperature. ASTM’s petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants (D02) is developing the proposed standard.

Proposed Cannabis Standard Presents Strategies for Post-Harvest Laboratory Analyses

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish sound sampling strategies for post-harvest flowers, leaves, and other cannabis or hemp biomass. ASTM’s cannabis committee (D37) is developing the proposed standard.


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