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New ASTM International Standard Supports Asset Inventory by Exception

ASTM International’s asset management committee (E53) is developing a new standard practice for conducting inventories. It utilizes Inventory by Exception (IBE) to allow the physical inventory process to only focus on locating assets that were not touched or physically inventoried. 

Proposed Standard Will Help Assess Microbial Decontamination Technology

A proposed ASTM International standard will help to assess technologies that are used for microbial decontamination of indoor air. ASTM’s committee on pesticides, antimicrobials, and alternative control agents (E35) is developing the proposed standard.

New Standard Establishes Laboratory Guide for Identifying Nanomaterials

A new standard guide developed by ASTM International’s nanotechnology committee (E56) seeks to familiarize laboratory scientists with background information and technical content necessary to image and identify engineered nanomaterials in cellular and noncellular samples. 

Proposed Cannabis Standard Will Support Change Control Process Management

An ASTM International standard guide will cover change control process management for the cannabis and hemp industry. ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) is developing the proposed standard.

This guide (WK77590) seeks to create a clear change control process within cannabis organizations, allowing them to maintain, document, and track critical decisions within manufacturing and quality system operations.

ASTM International Proposes New Specification for Polyamide-12 Line Pipe

New standard practices and specifications developed by ASTM International’s plastic piping systems committee (F17) establish requirements and test methods for polyamide-12 (PA12) materials, pipe, and fittings. 

PA12 line pipe is made using polyamide-12, a specialty type of nylon plastic with exceptional strength and durability compared to other plastics used in pressure piping systems. 

ASTM International Develops New Classification for Low-Frequency Impact Noise Rating

A new standard developed by ASTM International’s building and environmental acoustics committee (E33) establishes an evaluation metric for low-frequency impact noise. Specifically, it allows for evaluation of thudding from footfalls in buildings. 

Proposed ASTM Standard Would Measure Humus Generation During Biodegradation

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish the first test method for determining humus generation during biodegradation. ASTM International’s plastics committee (D20) is developing the proposed standard. 

Proposed Standard Test Method Will Cover Cotton Fiber Quality and Properties

A proposed ASTM International standard test method will cover the determination of maturity, fineness, ribbon width, and specific surface area (micronaire) of cotton fibers. ASTM International’s textiles committee (D13) is developing the proposed standard. 

ASTM International Expands Committee to Include Robotics, Automation, and Autonomous Systems

Global standards organization ASTM International announced a broadened scope of its robotics, automation, and autonomous systems committee (F45). The committee was previously known as the driverless automatic guided industrial vehicles committee.

The updated committee scope will now address standards development for automatic, automated, and autonomous vehicles, robotic arms and manipulators, and sensors used in these systems, for smart infrastructures, advanced manufacturing, logistics, and other automation.

Proposed ASTM International Standard Seeks to Reduce Catheter Infections

An ASTM International standard test method seeks to evaluate antimicrobial catheters to prevent bacterial colonization. ASTM International’s pesticides, antimicrobials, and alternative control agents committee (E35) is developing the proposed standard.


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