Standards/Technical Committee News

Importance of Additive Extraction Stressed in New ASTM Plastics Standard

Quality control scientists, plant processing engineers and polymer formulation scientists are likely users of a new ASTM International standard, D 7210, Practice for Extraction of Additives in Polyolefin Plastics. The standard was developed by Subcommittee D20.70 on Analytical Methods, which is under the jurisdiction of Committee D20 on Plastics.

September 1, 2006

Precast Concrete Products Committee Develops ASTM International Standard for Grease Interceptor Tanks

Ineffective removal of grease from restaurants poses a variety of serious environmental problems. Large quantities of grease in public sanitary sewer systems can cause stoppages of piping networks and create costly and time-consuming problems at treatment plants. Sewer backups resulting from grease can also create health hazards when raw sewage backs up into homes or businesses.

August 1, 2006