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Detecting Natural Gas in Coal Is Subject of Proposed ASTM International Coal and Coke Standard

Natural gas from unconventional sources, such as from coal beds (coal bed methane), has become a common target for exploration in recent years. Coal gas demand continues to grow and is expected to provide about 10 percent of U.S. production in the future. However, there are no standards available that describe procedures used to determine the gas content of North American coal and the most commonly accepted guide to the subject, which is now about 10 years old, does not include methods currently used for low-rank coal.

Three New Standards Approved by ASTM International Subcommittee on Physical Properties of Applied Paint Films

ASTM International Subcommittee D01.23 on Physical Properties of Applied Paint Films has approved three new standards that each deal with different types of measurements for paint coatings. Subcommittee D01.23 is under the jurisdiction of Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications. Titles and descriptions of each new standard follow.

D 6991, Test Method for Internal Stresses in Organic Coatings by Cantilever (Beam) Method

Participation Sought for New ASTM International Subcommittee on Forensic Environmental Investigations

Participation is being sought for a new ASTM International subcommittee under the jurisdiction of Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management, and Corrective Action. The subcommittee, E50.06 on Forensic Environmental Investigations, will focus on the development of standards for processes and technologies applied to judicial, private and/or administrative procedures. Subcommittee E50.06 will encourage research and sponsor symposia, workshops and publications to facilitate the development of standards relating to forensic environmental investigations.

Major ASTM International Playground Standard Undergoes Extensive Revision

An important ASTM International standard that is used to reduce life-threatening and debilitating injuries on playgrounds has recently undergone extensive revisions.

External Fire Exposure Tests -- Subject of New ASTM International Subcommittee

Each year, over 1,000 structures are lost to wildfires in the state of California alone. A new ASTM subcommittee, E05.14 on External Fire Exposure Tests, is now developing standards designed to reduce the structural damage due to wildfires in California and throughout the United States. The new subcommittee is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee E05 on Fire Standards.

Participation Sought in ASTM International Task Group on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Standards

ASTM International Committee D30 on Composite Materials invites all interested parties to participate in a new task group on fiber-reinforced polymers. The task group is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D30.05 on Structural Test Methods.

ASTM International Standards Initiative to Drive Evolution in Unmanned Undersea Vehicles

 New ASTM Committee to Develop Standards That Will Facilitate New System Designs and Industry Growth

ASTM International, one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations (SDOs) in the world, today announced the formation of ASTM Committee F41 on Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Systems. This important standards initiative was driven by the cooperative efforts of the United States Navy and UUV industry stakeholders to facilitate new UUV system designs and enable next-generation applications.

Cleanliness and Wetability of Components to Be Studied by ASTM International Committee on Rolling Element Bearings

ASTM International Committee F34 on Rolling Element Bearings is seeking participation in a new activity on measuring the cleanliness and wetability of bearing components. Because aerospace customers currently use many different methods of testing ball bearings, the goal of the activity is to work toward a consistent method for measuring cleanliness and wetability, as well as to analyze the viability of various testing methods for specific situations.


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