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ASTM International Committee on Electronics Developing Standard on Determination of Oxygen in Aluminum

ASTM International Committee F01 on Electronics is currently developing a proposed new standard that will provide uniformity in the values reported for oxygen content in aluminum alloys used for sputtering targets in the manufacture of integrated circuits. The proposed standard, WK9120, Determination of Oxygen in High Purity Aluminum and Alloys in High Purity Aluminum Base by Inert Gas Fusion Technique, is under the jurisdiction of F01.17 on Sputter Metallization.

Setting Standards for Fatigue and Fracture - ASTM International Will Visit SMU Campus for One-Hour Session

Representatives of ASTM International will visit the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, on the evening of Nov. 9, 2005, for an hour-long presentation to university students interested in the field of fatigue and fracture. The session will focus on the technical standards currently in use by this discipline as well as the ability of students and professionals to be involved in the establishment of these documents.

Assessing Environmental Safety of Potential Munitions Compounds to Be Subject of Proposed ASTM International Standard

Significant effort and resources are dedicated to finding replacements for military-related munitions constituents that have the potential to be environmentally threatening. However, there are currently no standards available for evaluating potentially "greener" alternatives to such materials early in the research, development, testing and evaluation stages.

New and Revised ASTM International Playground Standards Reflect Industry Safety Changes

ASTM International Committee F15 on Consumer Products has revised a current standard and developed an important new one, both designed to keep children safe while they’re having fun.

Three New ASTM International Standards in the Works for Committee on Nanotechnology

Although ASTM International Committee E56 on Nanotechnology was just established this year, it has already begun an ambitious program of developing new standards. Committee E56 is currently developing the following proposed standards, which deal with environmental safety issues, hemolytic properties and particle size measurement. Interested parties are invited to participate in the development of any of these proposed standards.

WK8985, Guide for Handling Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles in Occupational Settings

New Kitchen Ventilation Subcommittee Is Formed, ASTM International Standard on Grease Particle Capture Efficiency Is Approved

ASTM International Committee F26 on Food Service Equipment has formed a new subcommittee, F26.07 on Kitchen Ventilation. The purpose of the subcommittee is to develop specifications, test methods, performance requirements and terminology standards for commercial kitchen ventilation equipment used in food service, such as exhaust hoods, replacement air systems, grease control devices, and appliance and/or replacement air cooling loads.

ASTM International Committee on Homeland Security to Develop Standards for Urban Search and Rescue Robots

Robots have a long and storied history in science fiction, but the rapid advance of technology has placed robotics very much within the realm of science fact. A new ASTM International initiative has now been launched that will investigate the role of robots in search and rescue operations.

ASTM International Advisory Group Studies NIST Report on WTC Collapse

After an investigation of three years, the National Institute of Standards and Technology released a report on the fires and collapses of New York City’s World Trade Center towers following terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The report, published on June 23, details recommendations made to organizations that develop building and fire safety codes, standards and practices for specific changes that would improve the safety of tall buildings, their occupants and first responders.

Upholstery Standards -- Subject of Reactivated ASTM International Leather Subcommittee

ASTM International Committee D31 on Leather has decided to reactivate Subcommittee D31.05 on Upholstery. During a period of inactivity for several years, the subcommittee was combined with Subcommittee D31.04 on Apparel. However, the last two years have seen an increase in the level of participation from people involved in upholstery leather manufacturing, so the subcommittees have again been separated.

Market Expansion and Building Codes Usage Drive Development of Wood and Natural Fiber-Polymer Composites Standards

ASTM International Committee D07 on Wood is seeking participation in the development of a proposed new specification that establishes engineering design values for wood and natural fiber-polymer composites. As the performance of these composites improves, more sophisticated engineering applications will become available to this class of materials. Engineering design values will enhance their ability to be used by design professionals.


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