Standards for Powered Scooters and Skateboards Are Subject of New ASTM Subcommittee

According to a report published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in April 2005, more than 10,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 49 deaths have been attributed to powered scooters since 1998. With these statistics in mind, ASTM International’s Committee F15 on Consumer Products has formed a new subcommittee, F15.58 on Powered Scooters and Skateboards. The subcommittee was formed at an organizational meeting in October 2005.

The organizational meeting had been requested by the CPSC in August 2005. In addition to requesting the meeting, the CPSC provided a list of various groups, including consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, trade and professional societies and federal agencies, with a request that ASTM invite them to an organizational meeting at which they could join the subcommittee.

The meeting brought together individuals, companies and organizations involved in the scooter and skateboard industries. The assembled group agreed to the following scope: "The development of consumer product safety and performance standards for bicycles, tricycles, scooters, mopeds and skateboards propelled by batteries or fuel power capable of land speeds exceeding six miles per hour and less than 28 miles per hour which are not intended, designed or licensed for roadway use nor regulated by transportation, regulations (DOT, state). Does not include ride-on toys, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, go-karts, fun-karts, snowmobiles, motorized trail bikes, lawnmowers, or motorized wheelchairs (three-wheel mobility scooters)."

Specific areas for standards activity were identified during the meeting. These include labeling, instruction and maintenance; product specification (electrical circuits, speed, braking ability, etc.); and structural issues. In addition, meeting attendees identified the following existing ASTM standards as documents that can serve as models for initial standards work by F15.58:

  • F 1928, Safety Guide for Consumer Recreational Use of Fun-Karts;
  • F 2011, Specification for Safety and Performance of Fun-Karts;
  • F 2007, Practice for the Classification, Design, Manufacture, and Operation of Concession Go-Karts and Facilities; and
  • F 2264, Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Powered Scooters.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the standards development activities of Subcommittee F15.58.

For further technical information, contact John Blair, DuPont Company, Wilmington, Del. (phone: 302/999-3293; For membership or meeting details, contact Kathie Morgan, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9721;


Release #7307

January 1, 2006