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Soil and Rock Committee Developing Proposed Standards on Sediment Retention and Erosion Control

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ASTM International’s soil and rock committee (D18) is developing proposed standards that cover sediment retention fiber rolls (SRFRs) and rolled erosion control products (RECPs). D18’s erosion and sediment control technology subcommittee (D18.25) is developing the proposed standards. 

Proposed standard WK39691 will help measure the basic physical properties of SRFRs, which are used to inhibit the migration of sediment that has been displaced and carried by flowing water. 

Manufacturers, laboratories, regulatory bodies, and other interested parties will be able to use the proposed standard to quantify the nominal diameter, nominal length, and volume density of an SRFR before installation.

“Sediment retention fiber rolls are used across the world, so having a standardized method to define some of their basic index properties will be helpful to speak an international language regarding SRFR use,” says ASTM International member Kurt Kelsey, director, earth science division, American Excelsior Company.

Kelsey notes that manufacturers will use the proposed standard for quality control purposes, while regulatory bodies will use it to verify conformance to standards before SRFR products are installed. 

Proposed standard WK66418 will cover RECPs, which are intended to protect seedbeds from erosion and provide an environment that encourages seed germination. Maintaining a moist environment by gradually releasing absorbed moisture helps to provide a beneficial growth area. 

“The ability of a product to absorb moisture is commonly included by site engineers in their construction specifications,” says ASTM International member Jay Sprague, laboratory director, TRI Environmental. “Thus, the manufacturer of the product must include absorption in their quality control testing program so that they can determine product conformance to a specification for water absorption.”

Sprague also notes that absorption is the last commonly used RECP index property that has not yet been measured in accordance with a consensus standard.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 on clean water and sanitation.

Representatives of SRFR and RECP manufacturers, as well as labs and regulatory bodies are invited to  participate in the development of this standards. Become a member at

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