Richard W. Neu Named ASTM International Professor of the Year

Richard W. Neu has been named the 2023 ASTM International Professor of the Year. Neu is the director of the Mechanical Properties Characterization Facility with the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Professor Neu teaches a range of courses on the mechanical behavior of materials, including undergraduate classes in strength of materials and materials selection and design. Neu introduces standards to his undergrads, often for the first time. Neu also references ASTM standards in his fatigue and fracture mechanics graduate courses.

Neu is involved in multiple research projects, including one involving strain-controlled fatigue and creep-fatigue testing using ASTM standards E606 and E2714 respectively. Other projects include standards-related work on sub-sized additive manufactured specimens, creep crack growth testing, and creep-fatigue crack growth tests.

ASTM launched the Year of the Professor campaign in 2009, with the goal of having professors become more aware of teaching students about ASTM standards. As part of the campaign, ASTM created the Professor of the Year award to reward professors who expose students to standards and encourage their use. Winners receive an honorarium of $2,000, with their university also receiving $2,000.

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October 20, 2023