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Proposed ASTM Trampoline Standard Covers Frame and Enclosure Components

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All interested parties are invited to participate in the development of a proposed new ASTM standard, WK18934, Safety Specification for Steel Frame and Enclosure Components of Consumer Trampolines. The proposed standard, under the jurisdiction of ASTM Subcommittee F08.17 on Trampolines and Related Equipment, covers the steel frame and enclosure components of consumer trampolines. Subcommittee F08.17 is part of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities.

The proposed standard is being designed to be used in conjunction with two standards already developed by Subcommittee F08.17, ASTM F381, Safety Specification for Components, Assembly, Use and Labeling of Consumer Trampolines, and ASTM F2225, Safety Specification for Consumer Trampoline Enclosures. WK18934 will define the minimum performance requirements and testing required for the steel frame components of a consumer grade trampoline.

According to Jeff Van Elverdinghe, an F08 member and self-employed engineer specializing in mechanical, electrical and control systems engineering, retailers and testing laboratories will be among the primary users of WK18934. “Retailers can use the proposed standard to ensure that the trampolines sold in their stores meet minimum industry-accepted requirements,” says Van Elverdinghe. “Testing labs can use it to ensure that retailers are receiving products that meet the performance requirements of the purchasing agreement with manufacturers.”

In addition, Van Elverdinghe says manufacturers will be able to use WK18934 to verify or improve the quality of their product, while the proposed standard will be helpful in pursuing corrective legal actions against companies that refuse to conform to minimum industry-accepted requirements.

WK18934 is a work in progress and should be expected even after approval to evolve over time as products, materials and methods of manufacture change,” says Van Elverdinghe. “The ASTM subcommittee would welcome all active volunteers who are willing to participate.”

For technical Information, contact Jeff Van Elverdinghe, Beaverton, Ore. (phone: 503-539-4281; Committee F08 meets May 6-8 during May committee week in Denver, Colo. For meeting or membership information, contact Christine Sierk (phone: 610-832-9728;


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