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New Snow Safety Publication Now Available from ASTM International

The new STP 1464, Skiing Trauma and Safety, 15th volume, provides the latest information on snow sport safety. The eight peer-reviewed papers contained in the book are a valuable resource for binding, boot and ski manufacturers; engineers; university professors; physicians, and lawyers as well as skiing professionals such as ski instructors, ski area managers, and recreational and professional participants.

The volume’s topics include:

ASTM International Announces Publication of New STP 1463, Advances in Adhesives, Adhesion Science, and Testing

A new publication from ASTM International, STP 1463, Advances in Adhesives, Adhesion Science, and Testing, includes 11 peer-reviewed papers that focus on new adhesives, particularly from the perspective of the newer test methods emerging to better determine adhesive reliability.

The subjects covered in the volume, which is a valuable resource for design engineers and those with interest in advanced test methods for adhesive validation, include the following:

ASTM President Discusses International Standards Collaboration with U.S. Commerce Secretary and Central American Leaders

Washington, D.C., 14 October 2005--U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez convened a meeting to discuss new opportunities for collaboration in international standards through ratification of the new Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). At the Secretary’s invitation, ASTM International President James A. Thomas, ANSI President Mark Hurwitz, and senior representatives of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic participated in the high-level standards roundtable.

ASTM International Announces Publication of Master Curve Method Manual

An Introduction to the Development and Use of the Master Curve Method, by D. E. McCabe and J. G. Merkle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and K. Wallin, VTT Industrial Systems, is now available for purchase from ASTM International. The volume covers the master curve methodology as well as its application to design and safety evaluation problems.

New Online Database for Steel Available from ASTM International

A new online steel database facilitates finding information about more than 20,000 alloys and standards from standards development organizations around the world. ASTM International’s new Passport to Steel, developed in partnership with CASTI Publishing Inc., provides comprehensive steel standards data in a product designed to offer the most timely data to the user in an accessible format.

Second Edition of Asbestos Manual Published by ASTM International

Asbestos Control: Surveys, Removal, and Management, Second Edition, is now available for purchase from ASTM International. The manual’s primary purpose is to facilitate the use of ASTM standards related to asbestos and is based on the collective experience of ASTM members and others who participated in the standards development as well as the larger asbestos control field that influenced the standards work.

The work provides a complete and detailed explanation of the significance and use of the latest ASTM standards on asbestos control, including:

ASTM International Publishes Standards Compilation on Lime in Construction

A new publication, ASTM Standards for Building Lime and Lime-Based Construction Applications, is now available for purchase either in print or on CD-ROM. A valuable resource for architects, contractors, engineers, specifiers, inspectors, and educators, the compilation includes more than 100 ASTM standards that guide the use of lime in applications that are vital to the construction industry. These standards are essential to the quality of lime products, as well as the test methods and formulations for their use in construction.

ASTM International Publishes Second Edition of Standards on Sustainability in Buildings

The second edition of ASTM International Standards on Sustainability in Buildings is now available on CD-ROM. The compilation, which includes 111 standards, addresses environmental problems and challenges related to the design, construction, and operation of environmentally sound and resource-efficient sustainable buildings.


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