ASTM International Committee Withdraws Infant Inclined Sleep Products Standard

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) withdrew its standard for infant inclined sleep products (F3118).

After discussing the continued need for the standard in recent meetings and a pending rule by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the committee agreed to ballot the standard for withdrawal.

Since the ballot, the CPSC’s Infant Sleep Products final rule went into effect on June 23, 2022, which makes it unlawful to sell non-compliant infant sleep products including inclined sleepers.

The ballot to withdraw the standard passed resulting in the standard being withdrawn as of Sept. 1, 2022.

The infant sleep products rule requires that any product marketed or intended for sleep must meet one or more of the following federal safety standards:

  • cribs (F1169-19);
  • bassinets and cradles (F2194-13);
  • non-full size cribs and play yards (F406-19); or
  • bedside sleepers (F2906-13).

If the product does not already meet one of these regulations, then it must meet the safety standard for bassinets and cradles (F2194-13).

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