ASTM International Announces Publication of STP1482 on Contaminated Sediments

A new ASTM International publication, STP 1482, Contaminated Sediments: Evaluation and Remediation Techniques, contains 38 peer-reviewed papers on the latest advances in the fields of environmental science and underwater engineering related to sediments. Topics addressed include characterization, evaluation, mitigation, restoration, and management of contaminated sediments in the fields of oceanography, limnology, sedimentology, geochemistry, marine geotechnology, environmental science, and civil engineering. The physical, chemical, and biological aspects of sediments are covered.

Masaharu Fukue and Katsutoshi Kita of Tokai University, and Masami Ohtsubo of Kyushu University served as editors for the volume.

Four sections of STP 1482 focus on:
• Monitoring and field investigation in relation to the quality of sediments and water;
• Physical properties of sediments, which also affect the fate and transport of contamination;
• Specific topics and issues concerning heavy metals; and
• Different, potentially more sustainable, approaches for remediation technology including capping of contaminated sediments and cement stabilization of dredged contaminated materials.

Copies of STP 1482, Contaminated Sediments: Evaluation and Remediation Techniques, are available for $85 (384 pages, soft cover, ISBN: 0-8031-3408-8; stock # STP1482) and can be purchased from ASTM Customer Service (phone: 610/832-9585; fax: 610/832-9555; or, or online at

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