New Test Method Presents Means to Determine Superplastic Forming Properties

A new ASTM International standard will assist aerospace companies that are purchasing fine grain titanium alloys. The standard, E 2448, Test Method for Determining the Superplastic Properties of Metallic Sheet Materials, has been developed by ASTM Subcommittee E28.02 on Ductility and Flexure Testing, which is under the jurisdiction of Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing.


According to Peter Comley, associate technical fellow, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, special testing needs to be done for superplastic forming properties of fine-grain titanium that goes beyond simply examining grain size. Test Method E 2448 was developed to provide a means for this type of testing.


In addition to the standard being used for purchasing purposes, Comley says that researchers should be able to use E 2448 to present their data, as the standard offers a consistent and specific test method. Until the development of E 2448, comparison between materials has been difficult because research papers often present data generated from differing methods.


Comley says the subcommittee is seeking worldwide participation, particularly from titanium manufacturers, in the future development of E 2448.


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Release #7329

February 1, 2006