New Standard Outlines Test Methods for Trash Capture Devices

A new ASTM International standard will provide a test method related to the trash capture performance of stormwater control measures. The standard (E3332) was developed by ASTM’s committee on stormwater control measures (E64).

According to ASTM International member Greg Williams, this is the second standard developed by the committee, and is a big step towards establishing goals and accountability for trash capture technology.

“Until now, jurisdictions with a trash capture requirement had no way of knowing beforehand if a proposed technology was going to work as intended over the lifetime of the product,” says Williams. “Now they can get that information in advance and make an informed decision. It also gives them an opportunity to hold technology providers responsible for meeting their claims.”

Williams further says that the standard will be most useful to end users tasked with keeping trash out of their waterways. “It can be used by regulators to require a minimum performance for all systems employed in their jurisdiction, by manufacturers to demonstrate the suitability of their product, and it will give consumers peace of mind regarding the equipment they are installing,” he says.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 on clean water and sanitation.

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July 12, 2022