New Standard Describes Procedures for Measuring Nanoparticle Properties

ASTM International’s particle and spray characterization committee (E29) is developing a proposed standard that will be used to measure physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles in a variety of industrial realms.

The standard (E3427) describes how to use laser-amplified detection/power spectrum analysis to measure the number of physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles, ranging in size from less than one nanometer through 10 microns. These nanoparticles can be solids, as well as large organic molecules, such as proteins.

“This technology is already being used by research and development labs developing new products and by quality control labs for both outgoing and incoming inspection of materials,” says ASTM member Terry Stauffer, characterization consultant, Microtrac.

According to Stauffer, some of the potential uses of the proposed standard include:

  • Pharmaceutical applications dealing with proteins and liposomes;
  • Coatings, including paints, pigments, and ink;
  • Laboratories developing nanoparticles for new applications.

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Release #11790


February 22, 2024