New ASTM International Group to Develop Standards for Adult Sexual Products

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) has approved a new subcommittee to develop standards for adult sexual products. The subcommittee will begin its work by developing a consumer safety specification for such products.

According to ASTM member David Simonson, an increasing number of incidents associated with the use of adult products has led to the need for standards.

“The industry recognized the need for bringing subject matter experts together tasked with creating industry best practices to minimize the likelihood of recurring injuries,” says Simonson. “We’ll accomplish this by incorporating the compilation of existing associated requirements and identified emerging hazards.”

Testing requirements will offer consumers proper use and care instructions, as well as clearly labeled cautionary statements and hazard warnings.

“This will foster the distribution of safer and reliable products while minimizing compromised consumer satisfaction associated with overall function and performance,” says Simonson.

“Standards developed by the new subcommittee will give manufacturers and retailers a way to communicate to end users what adult sexual products meet safety and performance requirements,” says ASTM member Andy Church.

Referring to the subcommittee’s initial proposed standard, Simonson notes that “accredited third party labs will have a unified approach for testing these products as defined within the scope of the proposed standard.” The proposed standard will cover sampling, procedures, test methods, and limits.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 on good health and well-being.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member at Consumers, producers, consultants, and laboratory and compliance personnel are all encouraged to join in the standards developing activities of the new subcommittee.

The first meeting of the subcommittee will happen on Dec. 7. Interested stakeholders can contact Molly Lynyak, ASTM’s F15 manager, for the meeting link.

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November 10, 2022