Kenneth Roy Receives ASTM International’s 2022 Acoustics Award

ASTM International’s committee E33 on building and environmental acoustics presented the 2022 Wallace Waterfall Award to Kenneth P. Roy. He was recognized for his distinguished contributions to the development, preparation and acceptance of standards in acoustics.

Throughout his career of over 40 years, Roy’s focus has been on research and education relative to the design and acoustic performance of architectural spaces, especially as it affects human performance. Since 1990, he has had over 100 publications in 30 journals and magazines, and has presented seminars and workshops on architectural acoustic design in 24 countries.

In addition to ASTM, he has been a long-standing member of professional organizations including the Acoustical Society of America, ASHRAE, American National Standards Institute, the International Organization for Standardization, and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Roy has served as owner/director of LeShanShui Consulting LLC since 2018. He received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the University of Maine, Orono, followed by his master of science in architectural engineering and his Ph.D. (1977) in building acoustics, both from Penn State University.

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November 7, 2022