ASTM Launches Conformity Assessment Program for Security Screening Technologies used in Safety and Security

ASTM International’s security systems and equipment committee (F12) has developed and approved several standards designed to assess the performance of security screening technologies. These standards cover three different types of metal detectors: hand-worn (F3020), hand-held (F3278), and walk-through (F3566). The committee also approved a practice for conformity assessment of metal detectors (F3356).

The entrance of contraband into detention and correctional facilities poses a serious risk to staff and individuals housed in those facilities. Security screening technologies provide important tools to limit contraband. 

Additionally, ASTM has also established a verification program to evaluate and verify that products meet relevant ASTM performance standards. The verification program is managed by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an ASTM International affiliate.

“The committee standards form the basis for the new ASTM verification program intended to have an independent, third-party organization evaluate a product against the appropriate standard,” says Anna Seiple, SEI program director. “Products that are verified will be included in an online listing of verified products (, will receive authorization to have the ASTM Verification Mark placed on them, and will undergo annual testing to assess continued compliance.”

John Ely, retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, says, “The new ASTM standards for metal detectors are applicable to all levels of correctional facilities and were developed by a broad group of key stakeholders including manufacturers, suppliers, end users, testing and certification experts, and many more.”

The standards and verification program provide several benefits relevant to a variety of key stakeholders. For purchasers, the program will simplify the purchasing process by eliminating (or at least reducing) challenges caused by unverified supplier claims of equipment performance; incomplete, confusing, or misleading information about equipment performance; and false advertising about equipment performance. For manufacturers, the program will enable them to distinguish their ASTM-verified products from those that do not meet standards. For end users, the program allows them to check that the security screening products they use have the ASTM-verified mark.

The ASTM verification program will officially begin in summer 2023 with metal detectors, and it is expected that other security screening technologies will be added to the program. For more information, contact Anna Seiple or go to

Verification Program Contact: Anna Seiple, tel +1.703.930.0971;

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April 18, 2023