ASTM International Unveils New Standard Management Tool, Compass Points

ASTM International has released Compass Points, a new online tool that gives users the ability to pinpoint important components in normative standards, building a permanent link back to the source data for multiple purposes. Designed with input from users of standards in different industries, Compass Points is an easy-to-adopt step towards smarter standards that will empower everyone handling data to build better digital processes.

“The quantity of data is increasing exponentially by industry – especially in the last few years with the growth of virtual work done by virtual workers,” notes Lesley West, ASTM International’s director of product management. “Using Compass Points to manage critical parts from standards is a significant step to reducing effort finding the source of that data. This applies to lookbacks, audits, and speeds information sharing during process and product collaboration.”

Compass Points has a simple interface that allows users to quickly isolate the data in standards for re-use in their company specifications and other internal resources. Users get a permanent link that creates a breadcrumb trail to the data in the specific version of the standard, enhanced with valuable metadata.

System engineers, lab manager, regulation managers, and many other roles can use Compass Points to capture requirements, measurements, tables, and other specifications.

“Compass Points is an exciting new feature to ASTM Compass®, the ASTM International standards portal, and ASTM’s latest step in helping stakeholders advance their digitized standards goals, saving time, resources, and maintaining data integrity,” says West.

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February 2, 2023