ASTM International Partners with MM411 Learning Center on Medical-Related Cannabis Program

ASTM International has announced the launch of a foundational level eLearning certificate program on requirements for medical-related professionals within the cannabis and hemp industries. The program is now available through the MM411 Learning Center.

The new program is based on ASTM’s guide for requirements for medical-related professionals within the cannabis and hemp industries (D8452). It consists of more than 10 eLearning modules and includes video testimonials from scientists and medical experts, downloadable infographics, quizzes, and more.

The program is well-suited to those in patient-facing roles, including dispensary personnel, medical professionals, and others. Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of the cannabis plant;
  • The Endocannabinoid System (ECS);
  • The legal framework surrounding cannabis; and,
  • How cannabis works in our bodies. 

“The new course compliments our growing library of cannabis education products,” says Tye Beard, director, live training and on demand solutions, ASTM International. “Combining ASTM’s experience as developers of standards-based eLearning programs with MM411’s deep knowledge of industry practices and research, allows for a comprehensive learning experience for cannabis professionals.”

“We are pleased to partner with ASTM International because of their mission to improve lives on a global scale,” says Christine DeVol, president at MM411. “At MM411, we are committed to working with partners to develop optimal programs to ensure patient safety, economic impact and new job opportunities.

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ASTM International is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization that develops voluntary consensus standards and defers to appropriate government authorities to determine the legal and regulatory framework regarding the control and use of cannabis.


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February 5, 2024